A new and unique recipe app

“Mix n’ Make” your way through hundreds of patisserie variations

Combine your flavours

Don’t conform to the classics, make anything (and everything) that your taste buds desire. You’re a lemon and coffee person? That’s cool!

  • Choose from a variety of flavours
  • Mix fillings, textures and toppings

Recipes created by you

Your recipes can be as easy, difficult, colourful or interchangeable as you want, with all changes in REAL TIME. Give it a go!

  • Change the look and taste
  • Create products to your level of expertise

Created by the Queen of Chocolate

Mouthwatering recipes created exclusively by the Kirsten Tibballs, world renowned and award winning celebrity pastry chef.

  • Recipes developed exclusively for the app
  • 9 Months of product development and testing

Be sweet. Share with friends

Drop a not-so-subtle hint to your loved one by sending your fabulous recipe to family and friends to create.

  • Share your creations via Facebook and Twitter
  • Create recipes you’ll know they’ll love

See Mix n’ Make in action

This is your recipe book, anyway you want it.

Ever bought a recipe book and realised you hadn’t create many of the products cause you didnt like the flavours, or it was too hard? With Mix n Make, you are in control.

You can mix any flavour combinations to suit your tastebuds. And if you think it’ll be too hard for you to create? Don’t worry. Just swamp elements of the recipe until you find something tailored to your level.


Over 1,500 macaron combinations

Mix over a thousand different variations, each macaron with their own unique names. Can you create Midnight Blue or the Irish Coffee macaron?

Create, save and share your book

Love your work? Save your favourite creations in your very own recipe book for easy access. If you’re old school, you can even print a copy of your recipe to keep in your kitchen.

Rigorously tried and tested

Kirsten and her team at the world renowned Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School have spent months testing and developing each combination of recipe.

Video tips from Kirsten Tibballs

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Kirsten is here to help guide you on your patisserie journey, giving you tips and tricks to increase your skills and knowledge.

Imperial or Metric

How time consuming is it to download a recipe, only to have to use a unit converter to change all weights? In “Mix n’ Make” all the recipes are converted for you.

Level up with fun trophies

Want a challenge? Unlock more complex and advanced recipe combinations to create. You’ll be bona fide patisserie star in no time!

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